Eating late at night

by Melinda

My 9 yr old schnauzer, Kola, will turn up his nose to food in the morning, sometimes he will eat it later like 5ish but usually it's at 9:30 or later!! I have taken his food away then set it back out later but he still refuses to eat and a lot of times he'll go a day without eating at all!! Ob a few occasions he's gone two days!!
He gets about a 1c to 1.5 cups, his food is a mix of wet and dry. He get regular check ups and is in good health to our knowledge. On occasions he'll get treats and a very, very small amount of people food ( more like licking the plate and some of my thin crust pizza end) Pizza is a once a month thing. Sometimes I will give him a couple pieces of sweet potato when we have them.

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Sep 20, 2016
by: Linda and Max

This is very unusual. I have not heard of it before.
It is late for him to eat as he will not have chance to process that food before he sleeps.
Two things come to mind. He looks beautiful and healthy in your photo, so it doesn't seem to be doing him any harm.
One option would be just to give him a very small meal in the morning, hoping that he will be hungry by 6pm. Try and knock off the treats for a few days while you do this.
You do right by removing the food after a short time if he does not eat it. But then throw it away and if you try him later with food, make sure it is fresh, not leftovers.
If it doesn't work, I would not be too concerned if he is healthy.
Good luck.

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