Eating bits of anything on floor

by Sherry
(Rock Hill, SC)

Why does my 4 month mini eat anything she sees on the floor

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Sep 28, 2016
eating habits
by: norma pacey

My mini schnauzer eats all my woodwork skirting boards door frames etc its not that she is hungry as she gets plenty food and love what can I do please help me !thank you

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: This is not normal. Is she getting enough exercise and mental stimulation? It could be that she is bored or showing bad behaviour due to lack of stimulation.

Jul 14, 2016
Eats anything...
by: Kevin Panting

I have to agree with Linda about it being normal. I don't know if Max still does it. But our 8 y/o male mini, Buddy, did do that when he was younger, and he still noses along the carpet pretty much lapping up anything he finds there. I also have to say that his "floor food" radar is amazing. I swear he could hear a marshmallow falling on deep-pile shag carpet from 400 blocks away.

NOTE FROM LINDA: Agreed! Max is the same :)

Jul 12, 2016
it's normal
by: Linda and Max

It's normal, it's up to you to make sure there is nothing harmful there.
Like babies, puppies explore the world using their mouths.

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