Max's 1st Dog Quiz - The Answers

Think you did well in Max's Dog Quiz?
OK, here are Max's First Dog Quiz Answers. Let's see how many you got right -

  1. C. Laika. Laika means "barker." Unfortunately, Laika never returned to earth and asphyxiated after a week in orbit. Her cabin burned up on re-entry to the earth's atmosphere. Krypto is the name of Superman's dog.

  2. D. Irish Wolfhound. The breed originated in Ireland, as the name suggests, and was bred as a hunting dog. The smallest dog is the Chihuahua.

  3. C. Nine weeks. A female carries her young approximately 9 weeks or 60-65 days before the puppies are born. It’s the same if the bitch is a large, medium or small breed.

  4. A. Terrier in America. In the UK the Miniature Schnauzer is classed in the Utility Group.

  5. C. USA. It is estimated that there are over 60 million dogs in the USA. The country with the second highest number of dogs is Brazil with 30 million. China is third with over 23 million.

  6. D. Cannot bark. They are not mute, however. The howl-like noises they make are usually called "yodeling," but some make other sounds as well.

  7. D. 40 million pounds.... Yikes!!

  8. A. Standard Schnauzer and Affenpinscher. A cross between a schnauzer and a poodle is known as a schnoodle and is a crossbreed, not a purebred.

  9. B. Chocolate. A chocolate bar is poisonous to dogs and can even be lethal. The theobromine in chocolate stimulates our cardiac and nervous systems but is too much for dogs, especially smaller pups.

  10. D. Santa’s Little Helper.


    10 out of 10: Genius. OK, you win. Max will have to make his New Year Dog Quiz much harder.

    7 - 9: There are no flies on you. Your canine knowledge has stood up to the test.

    4 – 6: You like dogs but you’re not a true dog lover yet. Go back to the dog books if you want to do better in the New Year Quiz.....

    3 or below: Have you thought about getting a cat.....?

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