Dog in Heat AGAIN!!!! - and looking for a male

by Beth
(Milbank, South Dakota, USA)

Our girl Olive

Our girl Olive

August 30th 2012
I have a 18-month-old minature schnauzer that we have not spayed... I would like to try to breed her. I live in an area where schnauzers are not very popular (I live in Lab country)
But have family and friends that are interested in puppies. I have not found a male yet and I'm waiting for her to mature a little more. My question is, is it normal for her to be coming into heat every 3-4 months? It just seems like a lot to me.
She is a house pet so I have to put underwear on her so she doesn't leave spots all over. She HATES them and so do I!
Beth in South Dakota

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