Dog Health Symptoms

Top Ten Signs of a Healthy Dog

Dog Health Symptoms -How do you know if your dog is in good fettle?

Well, our Top Ten Signs are a good start. Here are some positive things to look out for which show you have a healthy dog -

bright eyes are good dog health symptoms

  1. Eyes - a healthy dog's eyes are shiny and bright. The area around the eyeball (known as the conjunctiva) should be a healthy pink. Paleness could be a sign of underlying problems. There should be no thick, green or yellow discharge from the eyes.

  2. Coats - these are easy-to-monitor indicators of good dog health symptoms. They should be full and soft to the touch. Wire coats like the Schnauzer's should be springy and full of life. A dull, lifeless coat could be a sign there is something amiss.

  3. Skin - This should be smooth without redness. (Normal skin pigment can vary according to the color of the Schnauzer.) Open sores, scales, scabs or growths can be a sign of a problem with dog health. Symptoms of fleas, ticks and other external parasites should be treated immediately.

  4. Ears - need to be clean with no dark or bloody discharge. Redness or swelling can be a sign of problems. They should smell normal.

  5. Mouth – Gums should be pink or pigmented with black. Paleness can be a sign of anemia. Red, inflamed gums can be a sign of gingivitis or other tooth disease. Again, your Schnauzer's breath should smell OK! Young dogs will have sparkling white teeth whereas older dogs will have darker teeth, but should not have any hard white, yellow, green or brown bits.

  6. Nose - a dog’s nose is often an indicator of good dog health symptoms. The nose should normally be moist and cold to the touch. The moistness should be from clear, watery secretions. Any yellow, green or foul smelling discharge is not normal. This can often be a signal of canine distemper in younger dogs.

  7. Weight – your Schnauzer should be the correct weight according to breed standards. He should also have a healthy appetite. The rib, back and hipbones should not show but you should be able to feel them under the skin. Dogs may have weight problems due to factors such as diet, allergies, diabetes, thyroid or other problems.

    Energy is one of the dog health symptoms

  8. Energy - Your Schnauzer should have good energy levels with fluid and pain-free movements. Lethargy - if it's not the dog's normal character! - could be a sign of an underlying problem.

  9. Temperature - The normal temperature of a dog is 101 degrees F. Excited or exercising dogs may run a slightly higher temperature. Anything above 103 degrees or below 100 degrees should be checked out. The exceptions are female dogs that are about to give birth, who will often have a temperature of 99 degrees.

  10. Attitude - a generally postitive attitude and personality is the sign of good dog health. Symptoms of illness may be lethargy, sleeping a lot or a general lack of interest in his surroundings.

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    DISCLAIMER: Please note, these articles are intended to give a broad outline of various Schnauzer health issues. If you think your dog may have a serious health problem, please consult your veterinarian.

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