The Docked Tail -

What do YOU Think?

The docked tail is a controversial subject in the dog world.

We wanted to hear what YOU think, so this page is dedicated to your comments on dog tail docking - Here's what Elizabeth Lewis-Cracknell from Saxmundham in England, UK, has to say about the docked tail:

"A docked dog is a mutilated dog. The tail is an extension of the dog's spine, - how dare humans cut it off because they think it looks better - what arrogance, - what brutality.
NO dog should be docked, they stopped docking ALL dogs in Sweden, and there has been no cry to have it re-introduced because of injury to working dogs.
Maybe somebody somewhere thinks that humans look better without thumbs, - shall we start cutting them off? Of course Max would rather have had his body left entire, his tail was important for balance and as an expression of how he feels throughout the day."

Do you agree or disagree with Elizabeth?
Have your say here -

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