do schnauzers get heat rash?

by sherry

do schnauers get heat rash?

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Jun 18, 2013
Has yours skin problems ?
by: Michele

I have no idea, but I do know that some schnauzers get what is called schnauzer bumps.. my first one used to but it was not a skin complaint for him.. I suppose if the weather in your part of the world is very hot and your schnauzer lies in the sun for a long time .. that's if you have a schnauzer.. it is possible but I suggest you ask you vet...

We have heard of Schnauzers scratching a lot and getting red skin when it gets too hot for them.
It does affect Max a bit - we keep him clipped with a short coat in summer

Jun 17, 2013
Skin Problems
by: Anonymous

We live in Singapore where the temperature is up to 40 degrees centigrade in the sun every day, in twenty years none of our Schnauzers have had heat rash.

Consult your vet as this is far more likely to be a skin problem, Schnauzers tend to be allergic to the preservatives present in all dry foods and most tinned ones. We feed ours cooked beef mince or chicken with vegetables such as carrots and cauliflower plus give them biscuits and rawhide chew to help clean their teeth. Glad to say we have had no skin problems with Max or Millie or those loved ones now over the bridge.

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