by Pamela

When Jim,and,I came back from our vacation from florida, Ww decided to pick up our little Dixie early.
So I called our breeder Montine Bridges to let her know that we were coming in early.
As we were talking she said she had a suprise for us when we got there.
When we pulled up in the driveway,and,walked in we saw that she had put a precious little salt and pepper schnauzer in with my dixie.
When I looked at her it was almost love at first site.
Her tooth was sticking out on the right side,and,her ears were sticking straight
up,and,the best part of it was that when she jumped in my arms she gave me a kiss on the nose.
A few years went by and Dixie got older, but as she got older she became blind in both eyes.
So Peanut became her eyes for a while.
Then after a while Peanut became sick an ,I did not know what was going on.
When she would get better for a while every time that I would come in.
She would meet me at the front door to greet me and I would pick her up.
As I would pick her up I would ask her if she missed her mommy and she would get so vocal it was almost like she was saying I LOVE YOU.
She started getting worse so we took her to the vet,and,they did some x-rays on her.
When the doctor came out he said she had bladder stones which is very common in schnauzers.
The stones were as big as a soft ball,and they would have to operate on her.
So when they took her back I went to the waiting room and sat there for 2 hours.
The nurse came out and said the doctor would like to speak to us.
So we went where the doctor was,he said that I am sorry,but I have some bad news.I did not want to know what it was,but I had no choisc.
So when he told me that when he went to stretch peanut out to get started her little heart had stopped.
We did not know she was that sick at all.
The doctor said that she was so sick that her little heart just could not handle
the strain.
The doctor tried cpr,and,got her heart started again,but she was already brain dead.
So I called my breeder,and,told her what happened,and,she said that she was sorry for our loss.
So after a couple of weeks we went to my breeders to see about another
schnauzer,but that did not work out.
So she said what about a french toy poodle,and,I said okay so she let her in,and,she jumped in my lap,and,kissed me on the nose.
That is how I come to have my Bijou B.Holding.

Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful story with us, Pamela

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Mar 29, 2013
by: joann

pamela, that is a beautiful story, reminds me of zach our dog that we use to have unfortunately we still haven"t gotten another one yet were thinking about it and checking around but to be honest i"m just still not ready yet, i know what it means in looseing a family member that is so attached to you and gives you their all.blessings to you and all. love joann
ps: by the way i had tears in my eyes.

Mar 28, 2013
a special story
by: Betsy, Alpharetta, GA

I have a tear in my eye and a smile on my face.

They say the best tribute a person can give to their love one(s) is to get another dog. As you have done.

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