Difference between mini and standard

by james
(London UK)

I am considering a mini or a standard schnauzer and can't decide which. apart from size, what are the main differences ?

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Feb 27, 2012
They are different breeds
by: Anonymous

The dogs are completely different, not just in size. If you are not sure you want a Standard, then you probably want a Miniature. A Standard Schnauzer is A LOT of work for the first 2 years, maybe more ... they have an extremely long puppyhood. During puppyhood are rambunctious, naughty, headstrong, stubborn, needy, require as much exercise as you can give them, and are extremely mouthy meaning they will chew everything in your house. Mine even chewed the corners of the interior walls while I was out tearing the Gyprock (dry wall) to pieces. They will chew table legs, sofa legs, eat your shoes, your remote controls, anything they can put in their mouths. Their baby teeth are extremely sharp too, like needles and they will chew extremely painful holes in your hands until you can teach them to stop it. Standard Schnauzers also don't bark unless acting as a guard dog. They don't like strangers and certainly wont allow themselves to be patted by random people on the street who think they are cute. Miniatures on the other hand will bark at anything. Standard's are strong and require a firm hand and experienced owner, not so much a Mini. Once you get past the first couple of years the Standard is a simply awesome dog ... I would never own another breed. But I would not recommend them to everyone.

Feb 09, 2012
a lot!
by: Linda and Max

Hi James,
They are very different dogs in terms of character, temperament, size and the amount of exercise they need.
A standard schnauzer needs a lot more exercise than a mini, for example. Click on the left hand headings for more inf on the website.

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