diabetic mini schnauzer with cataracts going blind

by Maureen

Sonny is seven years old and was diagnosed with diabetes about 2 years ago. we started him on insulin right away. the last few weeks we noticed more and more that his sight is fading. his eyes look cloudy and we belive it's cataracts. has anyone gone through the same problems with their mini schnauzer?
What was the outcome and what are the costs on cataracs surgery?

Hi Maureen,
So sorry to hear about Sonny. Take a look on our page about canine cataracts here:
for more information.
If the worst does come to the worst and Sonny's eyesight continues to deteriorate, you may be interested to know that many dogs do live happy lives with little or no eyesight.
If you think this may be happening to Sonny, start taking him on a regular walk on a leash so he gets used to a familiar route with familiar sounds and smells so that if his eyesight does worsen, he will already be used to the route and know his way around.
We wish you and Sonny the best of luck.

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Apr 25, 2014
diabetes and blind
by: Anonymous

Yes, my precious has both diabetes which causes cataracts. I have not been able to afford to have cataracts removed but you could look into to a university that has a vet school and see about them doing the procedure, should be free. Our precious is older (12+) and I am not sure i want her to be put under. She gets around her home turf fine, even goes out the doggy door. It breaks my heart but the vet said dogs rely on scent more than site and her smeller is great, just watch her when I break out a puparoni! She comes running from whatever part of the house she is in! You can see her here:

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