Diabetic cataracts - any experience?

Does anyone have experience with not operating on a schnauzer with diabetic cataracts?
She is 7 years old, and she has a heart dysfunction and she can not withstand the anesthesia

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Apr 25, 2014
to remove or not to remove cataracs
by: Anonymous

you can view our pup here: http://www.max-the-schnauzer.com/images/diabetic-and-blind-but-dont-count-her-out-21772197.jpg

She is doing well on her home turf, as the web master said they go by smell more than sight. You could try to get your pup into a university that has a vet school, they may remove them for free. Sophie is 12+ so I don't want the risk of putting her under at her age. Our vet had a tech who had a diabetic/blind schnauzer that lived to be 17 and he felt the dogs life was full. It is heartbreaking but I think more for us than the dog. Sophie has an excellent sense of smell, she comes running from anywhere she is in the house when I break out her treat (puparoni) and she can get out the doggy door and back in on her own. I have 3 other seeing schnauzers that I have put the fear of God into should they try to sneak Sophie's treats. They know not to touch hers as she sniffs to find it on the floor. Of course if I was not around I don't know how much God would fit into then - HA!

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Keep up the good work, sounds like she has a full life.

Apr 22, 2014
Blind Diabetic mini schnauzer
by: Anonymous

Broke my heart to learn our mini was a diabetic, symptoms included drinking tons of water. Took a while to find the correct insulin dose but now she seems good at 8 units. She is around 12 years and although we have considered surgery to remove cataracts, we never had the money. She gets around the house fine, she goes out the doggy door to do her business. We don't change things in the house so she does not get confused and she is doing well. It does hurt my heart but she seems to be content.
So sorry to hear of your Schnauzer's diabetes. The good news is that many dogs, and yours sounds like one of them, do well even after losing their sight as long as they are in familiar surroundings.
It sounds lifke your Schnauzer still has a good quality of life and you are doing a great job with her - she may go on for a long time like this. Dog use scent and other senses far more than we humans and therefore can cope much better with blindness.
Good luck and best wishe.

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