Daisy, love at first sight........

by jane

Hello fellow schnauzer fans, hope this finds everyone well and happy,
Today Daisy had her booster injection, she was such a good girl, but I wonder where the first year has gone, just flown by. Here are a couple of photos taken the first time we met, Daisy was 4 weeks old, and stole my heart in an instant.
Now Daisy weighs 7.5kg, the vet says she has "a little too much meat on her ribs". Sounds like a meal at the local 'Flaming Grill' .....but we can't let our little friend get chunky.
We have had to tell hubby not to spoil her, he gives too many treats. He had prostate cancer through 2014, and Daisy was his shadow the entire time, bless her, we only had her for 1 month when he was diagnosed. I'm sure she knew before we did,,,, however that aside, she has been his angel and kept him positive, despite major surgery. Now things are looking great, but he can't say no to Daisy, it's harder to train him, and easier to train her, partners in crime!
We bought Daisy a childs football (the colourful beachball type) on the way home from the vets, she has outstanding ball skills, and would be an asset to the England squad. She can dribble the ball, does amazing headers, but can't understand why her mouth is too small to bite it,,, that does'nt stop her trying though, ha ha, she's so funny.
well thats all for now
bye for now, jane & DAISY xx

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