Cure for Mini Schnauzer licking paws?

by ann
(Davis, Fl)

What can I safely spray on my mini schnauzers paws for licking?
Maybe something I can make at home?

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Feb 14, 2012
by: Betsy, alpharetta, ga

Constant licking of paws is a very good indication that the dog has allergies of some type. Spraying something on would only mask the problem.
Common dog allergies are not always of the airborne type but very often are from current food.

Corn, grains are very often the culprits. Read the labels of your current foods.

Our MS had a paw licking problem. After I switched to a grain-free food she still had some licking problems. Since chicken can also cause allergies in dogs, we then began giving her a food which is fish based. No more licking.

Vets can give expensive tests , searching for many causes. But, this is expensive. So, I'd first begin testing for food allergies which is easy to do at home.

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