Couldn't understand how my dog got diabetes so quick

by Jerry Benbrook
(Virginia Beach, Va)

Bama, my loving dog

Bama, my loving dog

Hello, I had a 9.5 year old white miniature schnauzer called Bama that passed on Sunday (18AUG19) so sudden. He was healthy when I left for a week for a work meeting and when I came back, he seem healthy. Bama just had his check up five months ago and was due for another. He greeting me when I came home and seem healthy on walks and play. That was on Thursday and on Saturday, my wife took our dog to the vet to get his updated shot's and Bama had lost some weight which the vet wanted to check him out. We got the call that he had extreme diabetes and that he was going to die. They recommend us to put him down right away but I didn't want to. I just couldn't do that. The next day (Sunday), he wasn't the same. Try taking out for a walk (3 times) and wasn't himself. Very sluggish and pee a lot. He even peed three times inside between 9-2. At that point, crying my eyes out, having a tough time telling my wife to call the vet cause I didn't feel he will make it any longer. I am so heart broken. Been crying so much for the past five days.

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Mar 26, 2020
Bama passing
by: Michael

I came across your post about Bama, and wanted to say to you sorry. It is never easy when this happens to us. I know I had a mother with daughter schnauzer pair for 13 years the mothers name was Sofi and the daughters name was Banna. When they passed on it took me twelve years before I would get another Schnauzer. I just lost her Jan. 23. 2020 and her name was Vanna she was 14 years old.
Again I feel for your loss of Bama these little schnauzers are the best and when they go they take part of us with them.

Best regards


Sep 17, 2019
So sorry for your Bama’s passing
by: Linda

So very sorry to hear of Bama’s passing. He almost got to ten and it sounds like he had a wonderful life with you and you wife.
In the end, he didn’t suffer, which you have to be thankful for.
Remember all the good times.
Our thoughts are with you.

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