Coco the conquering Schnauzer!

by Sibel

Coco is the best schnauzer puppy that I have ever seen.She sleeps nearly all day if we don't play with her!
If you blow into her face she starts licking you all over.Her sister,Purdey is her best friend. If I tell her that Purdey is outside she runs outside and comes back in!
When she sleeps she is usually sleeping on or beside my dad.I am a bit unlucky because I only get to see her on weekends but i know i will love her for always.She is also a VERY good watchdog.
Every time someone passes our street she starts barking mad.I think she is getting smarter because before she took one bit of dog food and then she started taking two,then three now as many as she can carry in her mouth!
My dad says that she is half sheepbecause of her woolly tummyand half schnauzerbecause she is one.
When Coco was a baby her moustache was like a toiletbrush!
Every day that I am with Coco I say that we have to clean her moustache because it is tangled and there are lots of things stuck in it.Her brother,Casper is a white schnauzer and a bit bigger than Coco.When Casper comes to our gardenor Coco's toiletto play with Coco he his completely terrified of Coco the Conquerer,what we sometimes call Coco.
If GIANT dogs pass our street Coco barks even more loudly.Once a girl on a horse and she past our street Coco barked even MORE loudly than when a GIANT DOG passes our street.
The horse was scared and cantered away.It might be strange that such a small dog like Coco could scare a such a GIANT horse.
I hope that I have given enough information about...COCO THE CONQUERER!!!

P.S Everything is true.
P.P.S She is the best creature EVER!

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