Chocolate Schnauzers

by C. Sacks
(Maryland, USA)

Where does the chocolate color come from?
I have had 2 mini schnauzers in the past, 1 was black & silver and my last was named MAX and he was silver.
This one is a puppy and is chocolate, which I have never seen before. The mother was white with some chocolate and the father was black & white. The whole litter was choc.
I would appreciate any infor you can give us. The pup is 4 mos old now. Also her coat is very different from my other two.
Thank You.

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Mar 10, 2011
Chocolate Schnauzers
by: Dreamer

It is hard to belive another color has been introdued to the Schnauzer line... I too have Chocolates (Livers), Choclate/Tans, (Liver/Tan), and Choclate/Pepper, (Choclate/Pepper)... I have had them for 5yrs now and still haven;t had anyone tell me exactly where the Choclate (Liver) color has come into play... I have had some people tell that it has always been there, but I'm not sure. AKC will registered them but you can't show them... My girl is so dark she looks like a Hersy bar and does meet AKCs' other standards.... They are the ones missing out on something new... Some of the new dogs that they have let in look like any dogs that I might see down at the shelter...LOL...but that AKC. I really would like some answers too but I don't think I'll get one.. Doesn't mean I don't love my dog cause she means the world to me.. Any news on this would be menafull to me if you get any....

Feb 13, 2010
I have a white chocolate
by: margee

If you want some info try music makers schnauzers website she breeds them I bought my pup there. You are rt. the coat is different my pup is called a supper coat I have to groom him every 4wks. My dog is very soft my other mini salt & pepper is wirey. Try that website she explains about the colors. My next mini will be a chocolate party collor. Does your dog have green eyes like my dog?

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