Chloe the Miniature Schnauzer Brings Such Joy

by Rae
(Texas, USA)

Hi Max Once Again,
This is Rae from Jacksonville (Texas). I read my letter to you that was placed under "Therapy Dogs" and I could never thank you enough.
It was almost as if I could give Skippy's beautiful memory to whoever cared to receive it through your kindness. Although it has been 8 months since his passing, his memory is so much a part of our lives even today and will remain with us I am sure until we are reunited once again with our Lord and Saviour.
I continue to visit with him through prayer and although he remains with me in spirit, the pain has only been relieved through God's good graces and in time. Time is the ONLY thing that can heal.
Max, I can not wait to tell you that on October 7, 2009, we officially adopted our very own "Chloe", a robust, active 2 1/2-year-old Salt/Pepper registered Schnauzer who has already brought many smiles and so much joy into our lives (funny how quickly they can help put pieces of your life back together once again).
She will play fetch with her "Elmo" stuffed toy and "Bear" for as long as you will throw it and she faithfully brings the toys right back to your feet. She is devoted, protective and extremely intellegent. It is funny sometimes how life works, Max.
I adopted her from a very nice man and woman here in Texas because his wife has terminal cancer and "Chloe", being 2 1/2-years-old and full of life, was just simply too playful for her due to her illness. Max, it did bother me. We met the gentleman who owned Chloe and what a special soul. I can only imagine how difficult the parting was because I too have a terminal illness and don't know how I could've parted with Skippy if life would have been diffrent.
Max, I wish I could describe Chloe to you, words won't do her justice. She is the perfect specimen of a Miniature Schnauzer in every way!
I can't explain life, the why's or how's and maybe that old saying is true that it's best we don't don't know what lies ahead for us in the future. You know, to be honest, I was scared to love "Chloe". Loving and having to eventually let go is hard but I believe Skippy would want me to share my own special kind of love with another Schnauzer.
I have so much love to give that maybe it'd be unfair to not share that love with yet another Schnauzer. Myself, my husband and our son are very happy with Chloe and look forward to her being in our life and teaching us from day to day how to slow down and remember to cherish the simplier things God has gave to us.

Again, thank you Max for presenting my letter to the world and will keep you updated on our Chloe.

God Bless you and your family.

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Nov 07, 2009
Wonderful Story
by: Max and Linda

What a beautiful story, Rae.
We have had many people read your story on the website about Skippy and the joy he brought to your family.
Chloe sounds just wonderful and although she will never replace Skippy's memory, it sounds like she is the source of much happiness. Aren't Schnauzers great?!
Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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