Castration has changed his character

by Sarah

My schnoodle's behaviour has changed since we had him desexed. He barks at any noise and isn't as friendly as he used to be. This was an instant change after the op and we are devastated as he was such a fun loving and friendly dog. We are trying to discipline him which sometimes just makes him bark more. I wish we never got him fixed, I miss our little man. Is this a common problem?

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Jun 23, 2013
Character change
by: Michele

I ask you why did you get your lovely Schnoodle de-sexed if he was friendly and a great little boy.. is it the Law in your country, or was there a problem with them not decending?
De-sexing can change their character and their personality, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, as they can become aggressive.. neither of my boys are.. Rebel who is now 5 years and Benji who is just 15 months.. they are so loving and affectionate and love all who visit me...they do bark but that's them..

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