Care Giver

by Helen Robertson
(Graham nc)

I rescued female schnauzer(mix?),supposedly 3 yrs old. She is wild as can be and mouths and nips constantly. So energetic!
I need to take her back to shelter? I've been reading a lot on internet about this breed. She is so HUNGRY all the time!
I've had a vet to check her, and have had her groomed. She was a stray and coat was long and very matted.
Help! Thanks for any

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Mar 04, 2019
rescue schnauzer
by: Linda

Schnauzers are not normally mouthy dogs, but if she has not been trained not to nip/bite, she won't know any different.
Give her things she CAN chew on -play toys, chew toys.
Play with her, Schnauzers like games, but if she nips you, shout OUCH!! loudly. Most Minis are very sensitive and will not want to hurt you, so will jump back a bit shocked. It may take some time and your patience will be needed, but she will be great fun and will come to love you deeply once you have trained her.
Feed her twice a day the correct amount. In between try a Kong Toy stuffed with treats or peanut butter, or a Lickimat to keep her occupied and stimulated.
Good luck, don't take her back.

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