Canela & Potrero Chico, Monterrey, NL Mexico

by Perla Karina Hdez.
(Monterrey, NL, Mexico)

Canela & Potrero

Canela & Potrero

This is Canela looking through the car window... The background is Potrero Chico, one of the best places for rock climbing. Canela loves hiking!

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Sep 01, 2010
Standard or Mini
by: Pedro


Is your schnauzer Standard or Mini, I've been looking for a Standard in Monterrey with no I'm really considering going for the Giant, but they're also hard to find here...

Mar 08, 2010
Hola Canela
by: Nicolas

que grato es ver a Canela y ese hermoso paisaje, saludos desde Mexicali, suerte!!!

Dec 08, 2009
I love hiking too
by: Max the Schnauzer

Hi Canela,
Jusdt to let you know, it's great to see another Schnauzer that loves hiking too.
I love to go out on the Yorkshire Moors for a day or up to the Lake District over here in England.

Some people think Schnauzers aren't great walkers, but I love to keep going all day
(Admittedly I sleep for nearly a week when I get back....!)

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