Can you leave a Miniature Schnauzer at home ?

by Sophia

I have plenty of time at the weekends I’m fully free and also Thursdays. I was looking to get either a Miniature schnauzer puppy or 1 year old. The only problem is is that I need to work on Mondays and Tuesdays for 7-8:30 hours and Wednesday and Friday for 6-7 hours. I need you help because I don’t know if I should get one I can give it everything it requires including toys, beds, blankets, it’s own room, food and 2 long walks a day. I can get everything it needs but I’m just worried about leaving my furry friend home alone for that kind a day. I’m also free all of the holidays like February half terms and summer holidays and half terms but is it ok leaving him like that per week (7-8:30 hours /6-7 hours/ free all day) please can you give me your opinion

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Nov 25, 2021
by: Linda

Thank you for that, Hannah. It is very interesting and great that you have got your life back on track.
Yes, it's good you can take her to your parents' farm, but as you say, very important to make sure she is physically and mentally exercise with walk and toys before you leave and then when you come home.
Schnauzers don't like being left on their own for long and another companion dog might be worth considering, although she sounds like she has readjusted.
Good luck,

Nov 06, 2021
Unpopular opinion
by: Hannah

I have a two and a half year old Mini Schnauzer - I got her at a very different point in life - I was stuck in an abusive marriage and only worked part time. I was incredibly depressed and lonely and she became my world and the only reason I got out of bed in the morning.
Fast-forward 2.5 years and I’m happily remarried to my best friend, having gotten away from the abuse shortly after getting my mini.
I now work closer to full time, but am self-employed and so therefore somewhat flexible. I typically am gone from 6-8 hours on work days. Sometimes I take her to my parents farm when it’s going to be a very long day so she can play with my mom’s dogs and get to be outside.
But sometimes I do have to leave her here - she always does very well. I think she’ll do better when we can get another dog to keep her company, as she loves other dogs. But I close the bedroom doors and she just has full access to the kitchen and living room, and lots of toys and her antler chews - and when I come home she’s, of course, ecstatic to see me, but she is perfectly well behaved and doesn’t chew furniture or do any anxious behaviors. I think it depends on what you get them used to when they’re puppies. My dog got a little anxious and depressed when I went back to work after lockdown - it was a difficult adjustment, but overall she has done well with the many changes life has thrown at us both over the last two years.
I think the key to being able to leave for more than 5 hours a day is to give them nice long walks/good half hour plus of playtime before you leave AND when you get home - that way they don’t have as much pent up energy. I used Zak George’s training methods on her, and other than being really vocal she’s very well behaved.

Mar 23, 2020
A good solution
by: Anonymous

There are people on disability who aren’t able to work full time and don’t necessarily feel they can commit to a dog of their own who are often lonely, would enjoy the company and are probably looking for a way to make a little extra cash. If you found a dedicated schnauzer sitter ( day care) you might be contributing to more than just a happy healthy dog that feels secure.

Jan 31, 2020
Schnauzers love people
by: Linda

Hi Sophie,
Unfortunately, Schnauzers really are people-loving dogs and it would not be fair to leave a Schnauzer alone. Three or four days alone is not really acceptable for any dog really, but esspecially a Scchnauzer.
You would find that you probably would have problems - either with the dog getting depressed, behaving badly, or becoming super-needy when you are there, before you leave him or her alone all day again.
Do you know anybody you could do a dog share with -or somebody you could leave the dog with Monday to Thursday so he is not alone?
If not, then please don't get a dog until you are there more.
Schnauzers DO NOT do well left on their own.

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