Can I have my present now?

by Kim
(Walla Walla, WA)

This is our dog Alli at Christmas 2011. She loves getting her Christmas stocking every year!

We got her when she was 3 months old from a couple who decided they were going to have a baby instead. At the time I knew nothing about MS but she was so cute that I couldn't help but get her. We found her on Christmas Eve in the local Nickel Ads and she sounded perfect for our 11 year old son. We ran right out and looked at her and we were in love. Brought her home and she has been the BEST dog we have ever owned. She is just like one of our kids. She has never bitten our kids unless playing. She is the perfect dog as far as temperament goes. I always tell people she acts just like a human.
Later I found out through a friend of mine who knew the last owners that she was quite expensive when they bought her. I didn't realize whites were rare. We paid very little for her ($150)but she was worth every penny and more. She didn't have any paperwork with her as far as I know.

We have now had her for 7 years with not one health problem. She did stand up against a Mastiff from down the street last year and learned a huge lesson. Thank God she is alive. Only a few stitches and a healthy vet bill.

She is the love of our lives and hope she lives a long and healthy life.

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Jan 06, 2012
Your Girl and her present
by: Michele

I know the feeling .. and you are my kind of owner.. a True Lover of Schnauzers.. well done for being able to give her a wonderful and loving home.. where's your photo.. how about your email and we can share photos... I too have had minis.. but have a black & silver 3 year old and hope to get another, but pepper and salt in June.. My Rebel is 3... and so human, understanding every word I say.. I keep in contact with another lady from Atlanta who I met through this site, and she is lovely too.

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