By The Way Max...

by Rae
(Jacksonville, Tx.)

Rae Again,
Hope it does'nt seem like I'm being overly pickly about what type of breed that we (I) get.
There are some reasons for this. I grew up around Yorkies and know how to care for them, etc., I had my Mini Schnauzer Therapet for nearly 11 yrs. before he passed last March 2009 and finally, our son has horrible allergies.
We must have a companion that is non-shedding and free of dander. There are many, many deserving dogs out there but I have to also consider our son's health as well.
I meant to add this side note with my recent mail but forgot. Considering how well that my Schnauzer cared for me and how much he truly loved our family, I opted to choose another Schnauzer.
I personally think, for my special needs, that they are the ideal companion.
Thank you again for your time. Best wishes everyone.

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