Bella & Major our two wonderful Schnauzers

by Victoria Taylor

My husband was getting ready to deploy, so a friend of his told him he wanted to get rid of this puppy that he got for his daughter. Told him that she wouldn't care for her, would leave her in the crate all day. It wasnt right for the puppy.If we didn't want her he was going to put her down.
My husband came home and told me about her. I told him I would think about it. Well it was getting closer to the day my husband would leave and his friend called and told us he needed a answer now. So I told my husband ok it would be a nice present for me from you befors you go,so we went and got her she is the best dog anybody can ask for - even the barking.
Major was a sad story. He's my salt and pepper,I went to the animal shelter with a friend of mine she was looking for a puppy for her son. So any way, we are down there and this elderly lady drove up with this puppy and I told my friend that's a schnauzer and I went out there to talk to the lady . She told me she couldn't take care of him any more.I could tell he was skin and bones, so scared of people.
I told her I would take him and give him a good home. She gave him to me. It took me three mounths to get him to trust me, eat in front of me and $300 worth of vet bills and no I didn't Have him Fixed and I did end up having 2 litters! All went to very good homes and the owners still keep in touch with me. I did have two white schnauzer puppies that had shorter hair then the other three. (I got Major for my husband for when he returned).

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