Barney not himself -staying out in garden

by Jenny
(London, UK)

We have an 8yr old male miniature schnauzer who recently has taken to wanting to stay in the garden and sleep most of the day.
Only coming in to eat or get ready to go out for his twice daily walks which he is very keen on and enjoys.
He has good appetite ,kibble mixed with a small amount of something tasty added.
Drinks well.
I wonder if you can give me any ideas as he doesn't appear so happy as he used to be . Very worrying .
Many Thanks,

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Oct 22, 2020
by: Linda

Schnauzers are sensitive creatures and it could well be that Barney's issues are behavioural. It could be depression. Have you had any changes in your household -a new baby, new partner, new pet...etc?
Schnauzers don't usually want to be outside in the garden on his own, so it's not normal behaviour. They usually like to be with you. I would give him lots of attention inside the house, play games with him, take him for some new walks. Make him feel special and rekindle his interest in you.
This is presuming he hasn't got some physical issues causing pain that you're not aware of - toothache, earache or anything else?
If you try the behavioural things I suggest and there's no change after a few days, I'd get him checked out by a vet.
I'd be very interested to hear how you get on,
Good luck,
PS Give him a rub from me - also, Schnauzers love a body rub/massage.

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