Barking at guests

by Peter Fitsimmons

We have a 5 year old Standard called Tilly.

She is very well behaved except when we have visitors to the house when she gets very aggressive. Barking loudly, growling; never biting but sometimes snapping etc. when people walk in the door. She settles after a while but it is very intimidating for our friends, friends kids etc. who are wary which she seems to pick up on.

This also happens when our friends get up to leave after she has settled down and it starts happening again.

I realise she is being territorial and protecting our family but is there anything we can do to stop or curb this behaviour?

Thanks for your help.


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Feb 26, 2016
Speak and Shush
by: Michele ( Benji, Rebel & Rambo

As Linda has said this does work Speak and Shush, as I do this with my two and tell them to sit.. they bark and go to the door to greet my friends, I walk towards them raising my hand saying Shhhhh with a treat in my hand, as they walk backwards, and they do realise that if they are quiet they will get a treat..They don't bark when my friends leave, but the same applies in reverse.. patience, but never ever shout at your fur-baby as this will encourage bad behaviour.. You are shouting therefore he must shout back by barking..
Calmness and treat will work, but start now otherwise it'll be a problem. Schnauzers are one of the most intelligent breeds and he will pick up on kindness..

Feb 26, 2016
by: Linda and max

You can try the Speak and Shush technique, which is designed to combat the exact problem you are talking about.
Get your guests to srribve with treats. Practise the speak and shush beforehand with a friend ringing the bell or knocking on the door .
There are slight variations just Google it,
Best of luck

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