Barking and barking and... there's nothing there...

by Kuri Mansa
(Indian Trail, NC)

have a four y.o. Schnooks who always barks when someone is at the door. No matter who it is. Resident or non-resident. We're used to that. Now, though, he barks at random sounds or... no sounds at all. He growls and gruffs and sometimes high-pitch barks and I open the door to... nothing. I think my sweet Oliver may be suffering from dementia. Any suggestions? Any similar experience? I thought about trying something that was calming like melatonin or do research on other calming herbs if they are good for doggies. I would appreciate any help you can give.

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Apr 13, 2019
Still barking... (sigh)...
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Linda. I didn't really think it was dementia, but this is new behavior for him. He always barked when ANYONE came to the door, but now he barks at nothing. Weird and irritating. Thanks for the feedback!
NOTE FROM LINDA: If he continues and you can afford it, get an animal behaviourist, theyt should be able to help in a couple of sessions.

Apr 12, 2019
by: Linda

Hi there,
It is incredibly annoying when you get a barking schnauzer. It sounds like he may be a bit undersocialised -perhaps he needs to get out more and socialise more with other dogs and people. Melatonin is very good for a nervous dog, but yours doesn't sound nervous -try getting him out and about more.
If that doesn't work, try the Speak and Shush technique (look online for details)
Good luck.
PS at four years old it should NOT be dementia.

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