Anal gland and other problems

by gilly
(cape town ,south africa)

Hi I have a 3 year old miniature Schnauzer and the poor little thing has incessant problems with her behind...I have to take her regularly to have the glands expressed and even then she is stressed and uncomfortable. She also has vaginal sensitivity and infection....I dont know what to do anymore there anyone who can help?

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Oct 26, 2015
poor thing
by: Linda and Max

Your poor girl.
Are you sure the anal gland problem is because the glands are impacted.
Have you looked at whether allergies or insensitivities could be causing the problem?
Is it seasonal or all year round?
Reaction to food?
The skin is the biggest organ and this is where problems often manifest with dogs -rather than it being a specific localised problem.
Max was constantly biting and scratching his bum and it turned out to be allergies.
A cortisone injection and occasional cortisone pray has solved the problem -along with Apoquel tablets during summer.
Worth asking your vet about.
Good luck.

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