aged Schnauzer has started barking in night - why?

by Tam
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

I have a 13.5 year old minature schnauzer named Max. About 2 years ago after picking him up from the vet following teeth cleaning, I noticed seizure activity. He has been on phenabarbitol daily and appears to be doing well in that regard.
For the past few months, Max has been barking in the middle of the night. No matter how many times we let him outside before bed to potty, his internal alarm arouses daily anywhere between 1 & 3am with a round of barking.
We look around and never see anything suspicious indicating the reason. Just wanted to know if this is normal for an aging miniature schnauzer? Any ideas on why he does this?
Is he becoming senile? Max is a loving old man who enjoys being with people.

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Jan 30, 2012
Max's barking
by: Michele

Maybe he is just telling you that he has a seizure coming on, or that he has heard something, or that he just wants a cuddle.. How is his eyesight and his hearing ?.. Max is a good age .. my Ringo was 15, but never lost his hearing, but I believe was getting cataracts, due to his age, so maybe it's just Max's age.. also he may have detected something that you are unable to as their hearing is 10 times greater than ours, unless of course his hearing is going..
Maybe you should have a word with your vet, not necessarily the same one who did his teeth, as you say, he developed seizures after Max has seen him...I'd ask myself... Why ? Hope he'll be OK..

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