Adopted Schnauzer Urinating

by Stacey
(Spring Hill, Florida)

HELP! We adopted a 1.5 year old spayed female Schnauzer about 2 months ago and are having a serious problem with her urinating.

She will squat and urinate whenever she gets excited or sees someone new or that she does not see often. She recently jumped up on my son's bed and urinated on it.

When we took her for a car ride to take my daughter to a friend's house, she urinated all over the back seat when my daughter's friend came out to the car. She even urinates when she sees me or my husband first thing in the morning.

Sometimes this even happens right after she has been outside and urinated. She is a very hyper Schnauzer and would chew the doggie diapers to shreds, so that would not be a good option.

Please let me know if there is any advice you are able to provide. My house and car are going to smell like a urinal.

Wet in Florida,

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Jan 30, 2009
Exclude health-issues
by: Dr. E.Schmidt

Hi Stacy!

I would go to my veterinarian for a thorough examination to exclude any health problems, like infection, inflammation and similar. Very often a change of environment, habits, family, food will affect the immunesystem negatively, opening a gateway for annoying, inconvenient health problems or diseases.
It is essential to make sure she does not suffer from such a health problem before consulting a professional behaviourist.

Best Wishes and keep us updated,

Dr.E Schmidt, MRCVS

Jan 18, 2009
by: Stacy

We are trying the method of "down playing" the attention when someone new comes over and it seems to help a lot. We have stopped acknowledging her when we first come home and just walk past her as she is hopping around us. After a few minutes, we calmly pet her and simply say her name. This seems to work better too, she may still urinate but it is just a drop or so (which she always turns around and smells for some unknown reason). We will continue trying this and thank you for the great advice.

Jan 18, 2009
female schnauzer urinating
by: Linda and Max again

Here is another article about a female adopted dog (this one is a greyhound, not a Schnauzer) who also has a problem with urination.

The case sounds similar to yours with your Schnauzer.

Basically, it could be that she is having a hard time adjusting to her new home. Schnauzers are very much people-dogs and maybe she was very attached to her previous owners.

Anyway, here's the link for the article - good luck!

Jan 18, 2009
Schnauzer Urination
by: Linda

Hi Stacey,
So sorry to hear about your problem with your recently-adopted female Schnauzer. Here is an article from Rena Murray, also in Florida. From what you say, your Schnauzer may have Excitement Urination Problem and the good news is that it’s relatively easy to treat. Let us know how you get on.

"There are several dog instinctive behaviors which cause our four-legged friends to have dog urination problems.
A male dog may begin to mark in the house if another dog is brought in and not made to be part of the pack. If you decide to bring a new dog home, walk your present dog and the new one together, with you in front and in between them, prior to bringing the new dog inside. Do the walk every day for at least 45 minutes. If you already have more than one dog, you will need to do this with each one. The dogs will take at least 2 months to adjust to one another. Treat them equally, as favoritism is sure to cause a fight.

Female dogs sometimes pee where the male did. Pack members often cover each other's scent. Outside, don't worry. If inside, immediately do a mixture of vinegar, Dawn, and water to remove the scent, or else you will have repeated peeing by all the dogs. If jealousy is involved, then get help to address that issue.

A dog who pees on his human is neither scared of him nor even claiming him. He is showing the utmost disrespect that is symptomatic of far deeper issues. If your dog does this, do not wait. Consult a professional IMMEDIATELY!

Submissive urination is very common, too. Do not discipline the dog; remove him. Showing anger might scare him enough to release his bowels completely. Clean up the spot when the dog is out of sight, then bring him back. Repeat the situation over and over. Remove him when he pees, and pet him when he doesn't. Avoid this common mistake: Do not pet him to reassure him if he pees, as that is reinforcement of the unwanted behavior.

Fear-based urination is the hardest of all the reasons to combat. Do not stand in front of the dog and pull him. He will shut down and empty his bowels every time. Instead, put the leash on the top of his neck and pull UP when the dog resists. Do not make eye contact with him until he surrenders and follows you.
Excitement urination is among the most common, and luckily simplest, dog urination problem to cure. Let's say your Schnauzer squats every time a visitor comes in. What happens is that she is already excited when the company comes. No one may touch her, talk to her, or look at her until she has relaxed completely. Remember, giving your Schnauzer affection when excited will only increase the excitement and intensify the dog urination problem. To address the underlying cause, see our articles on controlling over- excitement in dogs."

Rena Murray, of

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