Acting different!! And dog food

My 15 month old giant schnauzer (Leo) started growling and trying to bite my 14 year old son!! Leo had gotten where he don't want to listen to me. My husband is gone for 2 months. Not sure what to do!!
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What is a good dog food to feed giant schnauzer Leo, but also inexpensive.

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Oct 05, 2013
Pack Instincts
by: Phil Medway

A dog in the home considers the family to be its "Pack" Seems to me your boy considered your husband to be the pack leader or alpha male and in his absence has sensed the opportunity to take over, terriers do like to be Number One.
First question has he been neutered? if not you should certainly consider this.
Second question is he well lead trained? if he is both you and your son should walk him and be very firm with your commands such as sit, stop, stay, etc.
Any problems you may want to consider a muzzle until he learns to behave. Finally it is worth considering taking him to dog obedience classes with your son and you alternating as handlers.

On the question of food we have never feed ours dried food as the preservatives cause skin problems. We feed biscuit, rice, vegetables such as cauliflower and cooked low cost mince. Try putting your dog's food high where he can see it but only give it to him after he has performed a couple of commands such as sit, down, stay. Good luck.

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