8-year-old schnauzer keeps peeing in the house


My dog is 8 and has been house broken for 8 years, she is peeing in the house even with us taking her out a lot.
I took her to the vet and they said she is healthy, they checked blood and urine.
Why is she peeing???? HELP

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Jan 25, 2012
Get a second opion ASAP!!!
by: Beth

I would get a second opinion! The first things I would have checked are diabetes and the urinary tract infection.. My nine year old schnauzer died from organ failure because we didn't realize what was going on and I trusted the vet we'd been seeing (He never once checked her blood sugar and we were having VERY red flag symptoms; urination in the house, started going blind, excessive drinking and lathargic behavior)
The second questions have you moved, a family member leave or a new member added? It could be behavior, she wants to get your attention, possitive or not.... good luck!

Nov 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Have you vet check for this and it can be treated with a daily pill.

Jul 04, 2011
P in the house
by: Cindi

It could be a urinary infection. Need to check it out at the vets and get on meds. Our's did the same thing and once the infection cleared up the P stopped!

Jul 03, 2011
Pipi in the house
by: Michele

That's a shame.. has she been spayed as this may cause her to pipi more, due to her hormones being topsy turvy.. or is she pregnant, if she's not been spayed ?

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