8 year old puppy mill female not house trained any suggestions

We adopted an 8 year old female schnauzer 10 days ago and she isn't house trained. I take her outside every two hours are so and although she will urinate and sometimes have a BM she would just as soon do this inside. She has lived in a cage her entire life. I am being patient but do you have any suggestions? We have a poodle and another mini that she can learn from as well.

Hi there, good for you, taking in this poor girl.
It sounds like you are doing all the right things - taking her out regularly, especially if she goes out with your other two and can follow their example.
The key is patience, she is middle aged and will not unlearn her previous habits quickly, but with your patience and the example of your other dogs, she should become fully house trained.
Make sure she goes out after meals and drinks and try having a word which she wil learn to associate with urinating.
Speak in encouraging tones and reward her immediately with a treat whwn she goes. Reward-based training will be the quickest method.
Hope this helps and good luck.

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Jun 05, 2016
With comments come new questions!
by: Jennifer

Hello There! I, too, have just rescued a 9 year old mini-schnauzer who was a mother-mill dog. She is not house broken, is afraid of everything, trusts no one but me, and is very, very dear. My question - she is around 10 pounds, but she has HUGE nipples. Most of them are at least the size of a pencil eraser, plump and dangling. Also, they are not evenly aligned. Should I be concerned or does this come with the territory since she was bred multiple times? I know what I have to do with the housebroken thing, but do you think she will ever be unafraid? thanks so much!

Comment from Linda, I am sure that will be because your lovely rescue dog has been forced to breed in a puppy mill. She will have had litter after litter and the teats hot stretched with so many puppies pulling on them.
Treat her kindly and gently and slowly build her confidence. Don't over face her, she had good reason to mistrust humans. Good luck to you both.

Feb 10, 2014
Puppy Mill
by: Sue


Do you live in the uk?

There is a schnauzer forum on the net that is brilliant you can register and post your question on there and you will get invaluable help they are a friendly bunch.

I am sure your little one will learn in time and that is the key word here, she has not been a pet so needs to trust and learn what to do, your other two will help her.

I am reading a book about a puppy mill schanuzer called Saving Susie Belle it has only just been released it's a true story.

Please be patient it is hard taking on these traumatised babies but it will be so worth it and well done for adopting her and giving her a chance to see that not all humans are cruel and callous

Let us know how your getting on and check out that forum it will really help you.

Sue xxx

Feb 10, 2014
Your rescued Schnauzer
by: W Raeburn

Well done for saving that wee girl. I know that with time and patience she will learn from you and your dogs. It is quite amazing all the changes dogs go through with the love, care and them realising that this is their safe home.

My heart is warmed by this story. Very best wishes to all your family. ;-)

Feb 09, 2014
8 year old puppy mill female not house trained
by: Toni

Oh, bless you. As you already heard from Linda and Max, this poor darling dog is doing what she/he had to do for 8 years - mess in her own home (crate) and now she doesn't understand anything different. Most animals will not mess in their bed if given a choice, and you are precious to be undertaking this training. She WILL learn, I am sure, if you make her understand it is a GOOD thing, and like Linda said, reward her. Any pet will do something for a treat (as do most human beings). Scolding will only set her backward as she LEARNED to mess in her home and must unlearn it. It is not something she wanted to do; she was forced to do. The housebreaking will happen with patience and rewards, and you will be SO proud! You are a special person to take this wounded animal to your heart!

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Sound advice, Toni

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