6-month-old Schnauzer - When to Neuter?

by Elsa Miura
(Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic)


I've just got a 6 month + 1 week Miniature Schnauzer. When should he be neutered??

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Feb 18, 2010
On Neuturing...
by: Elizabeth

I can only speak from my own personal experience with our Mini "Skippy". I believe in Neuturing/Spaying. Let me say that firstly. Too many unwanted pets are born into abuse and neglect and that's so unfair. If the (female's) health is at risk, spaying is not even an option (IE. if she had a difficult labor/delivery). And, we all know that an unspayed "family pet" that is female pretty much has to be spayed. A male, I think, is diffrent, esp. if he is not going to bred, sold, showed, etc. If he is strictly a family pet, indoor and has no way of leaving your yard (like "Skippy") and he shows no marking of territory or aggressive behaviors, etc. then perhaps you may not need to have him neutured. Believe it or not, "Skippy" never showed these signs nor even "humping" that most male dogs will do so we did not take him in. Hope this helps you.

Jul 28, 2009
Neutering your doggie
by: Sarah

I neutered mine shy of 6 months old. My vet said it was 100% safe to do so and I am very happy I did as mine is a perfect mini size, specially for travel and carrying around all over the place! He is extremely heatly and at almost 3 years of age, he is the most precious little animal I have ever met! Hope this helps!

Jul 28, 2009
Neutering a Schnauzer
by: Vetbase

Hello Elsa,
Male dogs should normally be neutered from 6-9 months onwards.
Leave it until about 9 months of age if you can since growth may slow down following the surgery, but by 9 months most dogs will have reached their adult size so this is not such an issue.
If your male dog shows signs of behavioural problems developing before this, neutering earlier may help.

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