6month old schnauzer off food & sleeping more

by Vickib

Our 6 month old miniature schnauzer has been off her food for 24 hrs & appears to be sleeping more... She will get excited when outside and runs around but just doesn't seem her usual happy self... Any ideas

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: It seems a bit early to say. She could just be having an off day. If she still seems off colour and off her food in another couple of days, get her checked out. It may well be absolutely nothing and she will be right as rain shortly. In the meantime, make sure she is drinking some water.

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Jun 24, 2014
Our experience with a 6 m mini
by: Anonymous

Our 6 months old mini just went through her fist heat and her behaviour changed for a few weeks. She was a little lethargic , not eating much and sleeping a lot during the day but during the night she would wake up every couple of hours and walk around, restless. Now that is over she is calmer than she was as a young puppy but other than that she's back to her usual happy self, eating and sleeping through the night.

May 10, 2014
Off her food
by: Michele

At 6 month old nothing should be wrong.You didn't say whether she had the Runs or if she was being sick. It may be nothing. If she is still off her food on Monday take her to your Vet. Try tempting her with cooked breast of chicken.. Little and often.
Remember give her water so she's not dehydrated. Let's know how she is as a six month old puppy needs to be built up and needs to eat. Does she have Puppy dried food..

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