6 month seperation now he hates me

by Tamara Johnson
(Puyallup, WA )

I left my husband last October for DV. Yesterday he returned my 5 yr old mini, Kona. Kona is now obese @ 26 pounds. Won't look at me. Cries & whines. Won't come to me. Won't let me pet or hold him. My heart is broken. What can I do to get his love back. I am having a hip replacement next week so he is staying with my son and daughter in law for a few weeks. Then he comes to live with me in an assisted living facility... Studio apartment. Tamara Johnson

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Apr 15, 2018
He doesn’t hate you
by: Linda and Max

He doesn’t hate you, he just feels insecure after all the turmoil of his recent life.
He doesn’t understand why people come in and out of his life and is upset and insecure.
Tell your son and daughter to establish routines p, feeds, walks, etc at the same times each day, to restore some stability to the dogs life.
You will all need patience and kindness. Speak gently and kindly to him, bpcut his food down, but tempt him to come to you with healthy treats. Don’t overface him, small steps and he will become your loving mini again.
Goood luck

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