6 month old with occassional limp

by Ken Wood

Hi, our 6 month went out for a walk today and intermittently I noticed that she would limp (back right leg) then she would appear fine and it would happen again. She seems ok in herself even though just recently she does not eat her food with quite as much gusto?

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Sep 12, 2014
Limping shnauzer
by: Wendy

My 8 year old mini shnauzer often develops a limp. We rush her to the vets only to get a large bill for various tests but with no conclusive results. The limp usually goes after a few days. At one time she ran across the park coming to an abrupt halt and held her paw up. I carried her back to the car and straight to the vet. We received an £800 bill as she had to be aneesthetised in order to get the tests done. Fortunately we were insured.
I have noticed that sometimes her pads become a little dry and cracked and so used E45 cream splashed on them before a walk. Also bathed paws after a couple of times a day with the antiseptic Hibiscrub. Get this from the vet. That seemed to do the trick.
All the scans, ex rays etc found nothing wrong.
I think they sometimes develop a limp for a bit of fuss !!!!!

Sep 07, 2014
by: Linda

Check there is nothing stuck between the pads of her paws first of all.
Max does that sometimes, but he is older and we
have never taken him to the vet with it.
Keep an eye on it - and if she continues to limp over a longer perios of a week or more, get jher checked out. It's probably nothing and the food could well be a coincidence.
Make sure you take the food up after 15 mins and don't give her anything until next feed time, otherwise she may get fussy if the food is there all the time.
Good luck.

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