41/2 year old Mini Schnauzer Allergy ( Itching) paw -tail area

by Faye
(Birmingham Ala)

Pepper is 4 1/2 yr old Male
My problem is, he has allergies that cause him to lick his paw and tail area everyday. Last year when it started my vet suggested steroid shots and prednisone( Did not work). I was on line and found a forum with the same issue i had with Pepper. They said i should try Benadryl 25mg. It helped some but not a cure. Two weeks ago I took Pepper to my vet for grooming. I told the Vet Pepper is still itching and its worst. The Vet said there is a new product Apoqueal that is a wonder drug and will stop the itching in four hours after the first pill. So naturally i purchased it to help my pet.

Well first, the Apoqueal is very expensive, for a two week supply 28 Pill was a $100.00 Yes( ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS). Sadly they did nothing for Pepper , he sill has the problem . I called my vet and told him and all he could say is some dogs it just does not work. So now I'm back giving him the Benadryl .

Does any one else have this problem? Please help !!!

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Oct 20, 2016
by: Linda and Max

Faye, the other major issue causing itching can be diet. With schnauzers it is often contact or inhalant allergies which cause itching, but if Pepper is really suffering, I would look at changing his diet to a natural diet, either prepared or home made.
This has to be done over a week to 10 days, mixing 10 or 15% of the new food in every day
Another option is a raw diet, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that this is highly successful in many cases of itching.
Let us know how you and Pepper get on.

Oct 20, 2016
Itchy Schnauzers with allergies
by: Linda and Max

I presume Pepper does not have blocked anal glands? Getting them squeezed would be the answer if so.
If it's allergies like Max has, we have found Apoquel to be highly successful, although it sounds like your vet is overcharging you. Dogs normally have a double dose for around a week or so and then a normal dose.
After two weeks it should have started to work, so that is disappointing. If you didn't try it for two weeks, I would give it another try.
You could try washing his paws and rear end in water every time he comes in from outside, our vet highly recommends this and does it with his dog with allergies.
You could try cyclosporine, sold as Atopica in the UK, or you could ask your vet for a cortisone spray for Pepper,s rear end.
This also worked for Max.
Anyone else any suggestions?
Good luck.

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