22 days on heat

by Judy

I have a standard schnauzer female 2 yrs old and she is in her 4th heat cycle. She has been coming in heat every 4 months. She has 22 days on it and is still bleeding red color. My male dog has not tryed to mate with her at all. Why is he not mating with her? He is same age and he has tried to mate with other females before.

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Feb 27, 2017
on heat
by: Linda and Max

Your female sounds like she has long and frequent heat cycles. If she is losing a lot of blood, she may need supplements to keep healthy.
Not all males want to mate with their housemates on heat (although most do.) You are lucky!
If you are not planning on breeding from her you might want to speak to your vet and discuss spaying.
If you are intending to breed, you will have to put up with her heat cycles - and make sure she stays healthy. Is she health tested?

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