20-month-old mini sleeping a lot

by Chez

My 20 month old miniature schnauzer has started to sleep a lot during the day as well as at night is that right?

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Apr 28, 2018
My mini liked to sleep a lot too...
by: Anonymous

Hi, my mini always seemed to sleep a lot, but inbetween she enjoyed playing and her walks. If your mini has lost interest in its walks and intermittent playing, then it would be as well for it to have a check with a veterinarian. Hope all is well.

Apr 27, 2018
by: Linda

Dogs often do sleep a lot. you don't say if your Mini is a male or female. If she is a female is she on heat?
If your dog seems otherwise well, has a good appetite and plenty of energy, still wants to go on walks, etc. then he or she is probably just tired.
If your mini shows other signs of being unwell, eg lethargy, panting, excessive scratching or drinking, then get him or her checked out by a vet.

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