1-y-o mini schnauzer pooping and peeing in house

Our 1yr old Frankie has been continually pooping and peeing in our house. He always goes in the same places despite our efforts to remove the scent. He knows where he is supposed to potty because he always does when he is let outside.
We let him out often and try to time it after meals and playtime with our three yr old schnauzer. It seems like he is deliberatley relieving himself particularly if he is feeling ignored. We recently moved 500 miles to our parents' home who have a Boston terrier.
I thought perhaps the stress and life changes could be the issue? However this behavior was a problem at our old home as well.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Feb 09, 2012
odd behavior
by: Joey

It sounds like you need to speak to a dog trainer or an animal behavior specialist. It has got to be to do with the move and the fact that he is now living with a Boston Terrier.
Do the 2 dogs get along?
He is probably stressed, has he got his own special place where he feels safe in the house - and away from the Terrier?
Good luck

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