13 year old rescue Schnauzer named Bella

by Patrick
(Sacramento, CA)

I have not found this problem addressed in the FAQs. We adopted Bella about 18 months ago. Our other Schnauzer has accepted her well even though they don't pal around a lot. Here is the problem. She sleeps on the bed with us. Frequently when we lift her on or off she lets out a blood-curdling scream. This is not new. When we first got her, we took her to be chipped and she screamed when she saw the insertion device, no one touching her. Now it is happening more frequently and she nipped one of us recently. She goes to the vet regularly and they have not found any problems. Is it possibly just her reaction to a very troubled life? I was told she was a breed dog in a puppy mill most of her life and physically abused as well as ignored by humans. She has come a long way.

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Aug 22, 2015
by: Brian

As I've noted before we adopted Charley in Feb 2014 when he was just over 4. Lots of problems with him - he came from a home with a 3 year old girl and the problems started when his owner became pregnant. We think that he was rehomed at least once unsuccessfully he is getting much better although we still have to be very careful when strangers are around. He was very unhappy at being touched on certain parts of his body. this has almost stopped although he does not like his face touched by strangers - eg the groomer.
He is a wonderful, loving dog!!

Fantastic news. Poor boy is taking time to adjust, but sounds like it will work out for all of you, we are so happy for you.
Bless you for your love and patience

Aug 21, 2015
by: Linda and Max

Good for you for taking Bella on and giving her happiness, bless you.
The nipping is worrying. She obviously has some great aversion to being touched -either for a physical or psychological reason.
I'm sorry, i'm not an animal behaviorist, but if the vet cAN'T FIND A PHYSICAL REASON FOR HER SCREAMS, THEN IT must be mental - unless her skin has developed a sensitivity? Is she scratching or licking herself a lot?
Has she got arthritis, are her bones aching?
Sorry I can't be more helpful, the only thing I would suggest tis to talk gently to her and move slowly to warn her when you are about top pick er up.
I hope you get to the bottom of it.
Has anyone else experience of this?

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