What’s Social Media?

And what do these buttons do?

Social media lets you use the internet to interact with others. It means you can share these pages with other Schnauzer lovers - you can even add your own comments to the pages you share.

This could be through social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, where you can visit with friends and contacts. Or it could be through social bookmarking services, like StumbleUpon, Yahoo! Buzz and Delicious.

The idea is that you bookmark pages you like on www.max-the-schnauzer.com and your other favorite websites then share them with other users of the same service.

Social media also lets you tailor the Web to suit the way you prefer to use it. This includes...

  • Tagging the content you like, so that you and others can quickly find it with particular tags (keywords).
  • Saving it for later reading.
  • Contributing to the Web by making comments or easily creating short pages about your favorite topic.

These buttons let you easily share the Web page you just read on www.max-the-schnauzer.com by adding it to your favorite social media tool. How? Simply click on its button on the page. There's nothing to download or install.

If you're not yet using any of these social media, you can set up one after clicking on its button. Once your account is up and running, you'll be able to share the Web page with friends and family, or save it for later reading.

Of course, you're not limited to the buttons you see here. You can use any of these popular social media, or add a Web page from www.max-the-schnauzer.com to the service you already use.

Go on, give it a go. Don't let us schnauzer lovers get left behind by the kids!

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