by Magda
(arne crescent montclair durban)

Hi my name is magda and i have a gorgeous black schnauzer cross that wont stop crying i let him out on his business trips i feed him give him water still keeps crying... He's 13 years old and blind so he walks with a little assistance his appetite is great but i also cant get him to pick up weight he looks like a walking skeleton with fur

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Feb 12, 2020
very sorry to hear that
by: Linda

If he is crying a lot, bless him, he may well be in pain.
Try massaging his body to see if one part hurts more. Or it could be internal.
Eating ravenously and not putting on weight is often a sign of serious illness.
He could have diabetes or some other illness.
From what you have said, there is a problem somewhere.
Either way, I would 100% get him checked out by a vet - something is amiss.

Good luck.

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